libmmail, mmail – minimal e-mail library and utility


libmmail and mmail are minimal, open source (ISC-licensed) C systems for parsing, manipulating, verifying, and serialising e-mail messages. You may enjoy them if you want to programmatically parse and process e-mail messages for delivery.

An example file example.c is bundled with the utility, which illustrates using the libmmail library for parsing and manipulating e-mails.

The libmmail library and mmail utility are Project members.


Sources correctly build and install on OpenBSD, NetBSD, and GNU/Linux operating systems, tested variously on generic i386, AMD64, and DEC Alpha. The current version is 0.1.6. Both library and utlity are enclosed in the same archive.


Current source libmmail.tar.gz (md5)
Archived source archive/
On-line source cvsweb

Note: the library and utility are heavily under development! Please contact the author if you wish to use it.


The manual is generated automatically and refers to the current snapshot. Examples are distributed with the source package.

mmail(3) minimal e-mail library
mmail(1) minimal e-mail utility


For all issues related to libmmail and mmail, contact Kristaps Dzonsons,


17-03-2010 Documentation improvements. Folded lines are accepted as parsed input. Normalised output correctly folds lines for encoded headers and transfer-encoded bodies. Limitations on line lengths lifted (except for un-encoded messages). Version 0.1.6.
09-03-2010 Significant functionality improvements. API almost completely restructured, with possible future restructuring being possible. Version 0.1.4.
05-03-2010 More functions in place. Fixed on-error memory leaks in utility. Added example file and HTML rendering. Added clone functions. Version 0.1.2.
04-03-2010 Initial version 0.1.1.
Copyright © 2010 Kristaps Dzonsons, $Date: 2010/03/16 20:36:20 $